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Cristina Alina Enea - Corporate Social Responsibility in Romanian Companies

 pag. 8

Iasmina-Nicoleta Haiduc - The Influence of CSR Actions on Company Reputation. Case Study: Company Image Before and After the Implementation of  the CSR Program  pag. 21
Ana-Lăcrămioara REBELI-SZABO - The Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility Actions in Romania. Case Study of 2019 and 2020  pag. 31
Rebecca Ioana CHINCEA - The Role of Online Tools in Communication. Case Study: Negotiation in the Real Estate Business  pag. 39
Lorena Camelia BALICA - Communication in Attracting Employees within Corporations. Case Study: - Analysis of the Way of Communication of 10 Multinationals with Subsidiaries in Romania  pag. 47
Vanesa-Andrada CARABIN - The Effects of the SARS-Cov-2 Pandemic on Consumerism and Online Shopping  pag. 57
Anuta IVANCUS - Improving Communication. Case study: Anti-COVID Speech for Young People  pag. 67
Livian R. HOTICO - Insurance Company Consultants’ Reflections on their Activity  in the Conditions Imposed by the COVID-19 Pandemic  pag. 81
Andreea LUKIČ - Communication of the Social Assistance and Child Protective Services of Timis County with the Media, during the Sars CoV-2 Health Crisis  pag. 96
Raluca CODREAN - A Debate on the Role of Social Media in Business Communication  pag. 107
Antonia Patricia BURDULEA - The Role and Importance of Online Communication in the Business Environment  pag. 115
Andreea-Constantina SAVA - Symbolism in Visual Communication  pag. 123
Aurica ANDREESCU - The Digitalization of Organizational Communication  pag. 135
Ana-Maria VLĂDESCU - The Influence of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership. Case Study: Barack Obama  pag. 145
Bianca-Gabriela HORGA - Promotion Actions in the Activity of a Sports Start-up  pag. 153
Daiana LUPU - Art and Science in Leadership  pag. 161
Laura COLȚIȘ - Offline and Online Coffee Promotion. Case Study: Starbucks  pag. 173
Alina-Dalia NEICONI - Ethics and Marketing Policy. Aggressive Advertising  pag.  185